The Shutterbug Gallery
Main Street, Huntsville, Ontario

When we decided to move to Huntsville, one of the first things we did was explore its quaint Main Street.  It’s home to a number of shops and galleries, and is a sort of gallery unto itself.  I’ll tell you more about that in another posting.

One of my first favourite spots was The Shutterbug Gallery.   I visited regularly and it was one of my “must see places” when showing visitors around Huntsville.    The owner is professional photographer, Kelly Hollinshead, and her creative photography is absolutely amazing.   The gallery features a beautiful array of her work along with other local artists’ paintings, sculptures and textile art.  It was there that I first saw work by Marni Martin and other local artists that I’ve come to admire.  The gallery changes its featured artists from time to time, so it’s always worth stopping by.

The building itself is lovely.  It’s in an old building right across from the Town Hall that must have been some kind of a bank because there’s a large ancient looking vault built into the back of the main floor.  The gallery even extends outside in the summertime to a small garden gallery at the side of the building.  Put it on your list of “must see places” too.  You won’t be disappointed.

Vist The Shutterbug Gallery website that features a gallery of her work too.

“Granite Morning” by Kelly Holinshead


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