You can’t have an interest in art, live in Muskoka and not be drawn to want to paint, photograph or capture its beauty somehow.  I’ve dabbled in every kind of art or craft at some point in my life.  In Huntsville, I decided I wanted to learn how to paint with watercolours, and signed up for a class through the Huntsville Art Society.   That’s where I first met local nature artist, Terry Gill, who was teaching the class.  Terry taught us how to paint “negative space”, and I’m still fumbling around with this techniques that he uses so masterfully in a lot of his paintings.

“Choices” by Terry Gill

When it came time to pick the photos to post here today, I had a really hard time.   Terry has a really interesting way of using a selection of cool techniques in his paintings.  It’s hard to just pick one or two.  Check out the gallery of his work in his “Impressions of Nature” blog and you’ll see what I mean.  His work is dedicated to our natural environment but I’ll wager you’ve never seen it portrayed quite this way.

“Sunset Buck Lake” by Terry Gill

Terry is one of those artists who seem to pop up everywhere.  Wherever there’s an art show, you’re bound to run into him.  He teaches classes, has a home gallery and is likely still giving studio tours.  These days I believe you can find his work hanging in The Bohemian Gallery in Bracebridge too.   Get in touch with him through his “Impressions of Nature” blog for information on where you can find him working or exhibiting.   Most of all, Terry is just a great guy to stop and chat with.

“Refuge” by Terry Gill


4 thoughts on ““Impressions of Nature” by Terry Gill

  1. I travel through Muskoka about 8-10 times a year and head up to Bear Lake and agree that you can not be in that area withiut being inspired to paint, photograph or capture its many breath taking views.

  2. i have known Terry for many years he is a special guy with a great talent ,always interesting with a great sense of humour .share a coffee table with u anytime .keep painting Terry

  3. I saw your work in Bracebridge a few years ago. I love your work. Just retired and hope to find the courage to begin painting. Your work inspires me to do so

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