“I Spy” by Col Mitchell

Contemporary Paper Art by Col Mitchell

Manipulated paper, fluid acrylics and inks on canvas

Col Mitchell
Bracebridge, ON

One winter, Muskoka artist Col Mitchell was participating in an art demonstration and sale along with other local Huntsville Art Society artists at the Huntsville Mall. Using mostly paper, along with string, feathers and other textures, she was creating the most incredible paintings.  It’s her own signature style, literally using crumpled up paper and paint, and I’d never seen anything like it before. I especially love her paintings of owls and of trees. Looking at her work, I move from one painting to the next asking myself, “How did she do that?”.

Col is a staunch and hardworking supporter of the Muskoka Arts Community too, and is actively involved in the Huntsville Art Society and other local organizations. It was through the HAS that I was exposed to many of the local artists, both amateur and professional. It’s people like her that help bring art to us, the audience.

“Relinquishing Treasures”         by Col Mitchell


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