In high school, we took a class trip to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario well known for it’s Canadian art collections and featuring exhibitions by the Group of Seven.  We even got to meet artist A.Y. Jackson not long before he passed away.  It was a memorable outing and I’ve had an affection for Group of Seven paintings ever since.

Tom Thomson bronze sculpture
in front of the Algonquin Theatre
By local artist Brenda Wainman-Goulet

When you live in a town for awhile, you stop noticing some of the things you see every day.   The murals around town become part of the landscape.  I was in Huntsville for the day last weekend and I took the time to drive around and take pictures of a few of the paintings of the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery.  I’d forgotten there were so many.   The ones shown in the photo below are all in one small section of the downtown Huntsville Main Street area and there are more.

Community Mural was jointly sponsored by The Mill on Main and Outdoor Galleries

The Outdoor Gallery boast well over 40 murals in Huntsville alone with many others throughout the surrounding area.  Whether you take a short walk down Main Street or sign up for a guided tour by artist Gerry Lantaigne, this is a gallery tour the whole family will enjoy.

Tom Thomson’s “Autumn’s Garland” (1915-1916)
Artist: Gerry Lantaigne

A.Y. Jackson’s “Stream in the Woods”
Artist: Marc Sorozan

A.Y. Jackson’s `Stream in the Woods`
Mural artist: Marc Sorozan

A. J. Casson’s “Summer Hillside” (1945)
Artist: Gerry Lantaigne

Tom Thomson’s “Northern River” (1915) Artist: Gerry Lantaigne

Tom Thomson’s “The Pool” (1915)
Artist: Gerry Lantaigne

Lawren Harris’s “Winter in the Northern Woods” (1917-1918)
Artist: Janine Marson

Lawren Harris’s “Northern Painting 25” (1924)
Artist: Tim Webb

Arthur Lismer’s “Isles of Spruce” (1922)
Artist: Gerry Lantaigne

All photographs by Christine Ceballo, November 2012


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