Today, our division got the day off work to attend a team building event hosted by our employer.  We did all kinds of fun stuff and had a ball.  No, I’m not off topic again. The retreat was held at the the Hamilton Convention Centre and there was art everywhere.  So I grabbed my cell phone (can’t you tell?) and snapped a few pictures for this post.

Art displayed in the Hamilton Convention Centre

Just in the area we were in, there were several pieces of original artwork created and donated by local artist Richard Owen including the three pieces featured below.  It was also home to the “Hamilton Gallery of Distinction” which honours Hamiltonians who have made a “significant contribution to the City” or who have “earned honour in a wider field and thereby brought honour to Hamilton”.  The wall is lined with pen and ink portraits of each of the winners over the years.  It’s quite impressive.

Artwork by Richard Owen

Artwork by Richard Owen

Artwork by Richard Owen

“Hamilton Gallery of Distinction”

As for our Team Building … several teams each built a section which we put together to construct a bridge over 72 feet long.  After we were done, we were able to drive a remote controlled truck across it.  An impressive work of art in it’s own right, don’t you think?

Our bridge!


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