"Bold Birches" fused glass disk by Artists of the Limberlost's Susan Higgins

“Bold Birches” fused glass disk by Susan Higgins
Artists of the Limberlost

Artists of the Limberlost

Artists of the Limberlost” … the name might sound a bit like a suspense movie title, but it’s another of Huntsville’s local amazing groups of artists.  They have their own Studio Tour in August and it’s jam-packed with variety and talent.  The artists’ studios are dotted along a short stretch of Limberlost Road (about 20 kms) which runs off Hwy 60 in the north end of Huntsville in a typically beautiful wooded area.

It features some of my favourite artisans including Brenda Wainman-Goulet, Susan Higgins and Brian Markham, along with a number of painters and crafts.  I’ve mentioned Brenda Wainman-Goulet before.  Her life-size bronze of Tom Thomson graces the front of the Huntsville Theatre, and other pieces can be found in public spaces around Muskoka.

Limberlost Woodturning Studio‘s Brian Markham turns out (pardon the pun!) the most beautiful wooden bowls, furniture and sculpture I’ve ever seen.  Take your time touring his studio because there’s always tons to see.   I think he also takes part in the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour.  I came across this YouTube video which features the tour through his woodturning studio.  Of course, there’s nothing like the real thing and the smell of wood in the air.

Last but not least, Susan Higgins.  She creates inspired art glass portraits.  They are similar to stained glass but the glass is layered and fused together.

Though you’ll see all the artists during the Studio Tours, most of their studios are open to visitors year-round by appointment.

(Photo of Susan Higgins’ “Bold Birches” is from the Artists of the Limberlost website)


One thought on “Another Great Huntsville Art Tour

  1. Thank you for showcasing artists of the Limberlost in this blog. And I appreciate the quality of writing, as well!
    The 2013 dates for our open studio tour are August 17/18.

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