How Social Media has transformed the Art industry for Art Buyers and Collectors

No matter what the industry, the group that benefits the most from the emergence of social media has to be the customer.  In the art world, that’s the art enthusiasts, buyers and collectors.  Though for most of us there’s no substitute for visiting a gallery or participating in a live auction, social media has brought these experiences to our computer screens and into our homes.

Through the world of social media, art enthusiasts have a wide range of sources for viewing, learning about and keeping abreast of all the latest on their favourite artists and galleries.  Creative KismetWooster Collective,  ArtisanianArt Threat, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art blogs give us a glimpse of the breadth of art categories around which communities are being built.

Artmajeur online Art Gallery

Buyers can view available artworks in e-Catalogues, purchase art online and participate in live art auctions.  As I mentioned in my last post, Christie’s is an excellent example of the traditional gallery fully adopting the new medium.  Buyer’s no longer have to travel to London, Hong Kong or New York to participate in one of their art auctions.

Collectors can find online information, receive updates and share collections through forums, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites.  They can subscribe to online magazines like American Art Collector to keep up to date on the latest happenings in the art industry.

Of all the industries being transformed by social media, the art industry seems to be seeing more benefits than disadvantages.  Certain features of the art world–the highly visual nature of art, the variety of genres, the global aspects, the creativity of the artist and the interest in collecting–all lend themselves well to the new media and its communities.   The art world is not just being affected by social media, it’s truly embracing it.

If you missed the first two parts of this three-part series on “How Social Media has transformed the Art industry”, go back and check out the first two posts, “Today’s Artists Online” and “Art Galleries Today”.

(Cover photo By Marco Boekestijn)

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