Beyond the Valley Studio Tour Spring 2015

Dundas, ON– May 23-24, 2015

Garden Art - Oversized teapot hand-painted at Pavlo Studio

Garden Art – Oversized teapot hand-painted at Pavlo Studio

Last weekend was my first studio tour in the Hamilton area.  To start things off on the right foot, it was an absolutely beautiful, sunny weekend.  Secondly, we split the tour into two, visiting three studios on each day making each one that much more enjoyable.  There was so much to see and admire at each stop, and it was nice to have the time to linger and chat with the artists.  Each studio and artist warrants a blog posting of their own, which we can all look forward to.   But today, I’ll start by giving you an overview of where we went and telling you a little bit about each of the studios we visited.

Day One

We visited Terry Osborne Pottery (terryosbornepottery.com) and her guest artist, painter Iris McDermott.  Terry’s studio is in the picturesque farm country area of Lynden, ON.   Her studio is housed on the main floor of her century farm house with her finished pottery displayed in sitting rooms and her kitchen amongst all her country antiques.  A stroll through her pretty country garden takes you to the wood burning kiln in her back yard where she fires her specialty pieces.

Ice Tea and cookies provide by Terry Osborne Pottery were a welcome refreshment on a warm day.

Ice Tea & Cookies provide by Terry Osborne Pottery – a welcome refreshment on a warm day.

Our next stop was Pavlo Pottery (pavlopottery.com) on Old Highway 8 in Rockton, ON.  The studio is set up behind their shop that features the work of pottery team Pavlo Tsarynny and Oksana Pogorila alongside those of other potters and artisans.  The shop is full of unique and whimsical pieces to suit any home décor.  The garden too is full of ceramic pieces and metal art sculpture.  I loved the giant hand-painted teapot.

Pavlo Pottery

Pavlo Pottery Studio & Shoppe’s country setting

Our last stop on the first day of the tour was the Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery of award-winning glass artist Paull Rodrigue (paullrodrigue.com) in Greensville, ON.   His showroom is at the front of an industrial unit where his giant fiery ovens and glass blowing equipment take up much of his large workshop in the back.   Something you don’t see every day, Paull gave demonstrations of this glass blowing for the visitors.  His guest artist, Sandra Greenwood of a Touch of Glass (touch-of-glass.ca), creates handmade glass beads which she makes into distinctive pieces of jewellery.

Paull Rodrigues demonstrating glass blowing techniques

Paull Rodrigues demonstrating glass blowing techniques

The three studios visited on Saturday were the ones located in the more rural areas of the tour.  We had a lovely drive in the country, enjoyed the fine weather, and met some incredibly talented artisans.  The tour was well marked, all the studios easy to find, and it was nice to see a good turnout at each stop. The studios are open to the public so check their websites for regular business hours.

My next post will tell you all about Day Two of our tour that featured the three studios in the heart of Dundas.


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