Wood Fired Pottery at its best!

Pottery is one of my first loves, and I’ve tried my hand at it off and on since high school.  I’ve achieved pretty good amateur status so I can’t help but admire the pros like Terry Osborne and the others I met on the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour last month.  Terry’s studio is on the main floor of her country home in Lynden, ON.  We entered right into the workshop area of her studio, with floor to ceiling shelves neatly filled with glazes, tools, and both finished and unfinished pottery.  We then moved into other rooms that displayed even more of her finished work.

Pottery by Terry Osborne

Pottery by Terry Osborne

We had a nice time chatting with Terry, who is extremely knowledgeable about pottery methods, glazes, and firing techniques.  Though her work on display for sale featured many beautiful glazed pieces, she pointed out the range of un-glazed, wood fired pieces which are the focus of her current work.


Wood Firing Kiln at Terry Osborne Pottery

She has a large wood burning kiln in the back of her property in which she does firings about four times per year.  As opposed to the modern day process of firing pottery in gas or electric kilns, it’s probably the oldest firing technique known to man.  It’s a natural process that produces interesting finishes on the fired pots giving each piece a distinctly different look.  Terry explained that, as it generally does not use glazes, this firing technique has the advantage of being food safe too.  It takes several cords of wood and a great deal of time to complete one firing cycle this way.  Looking at the final product, it is well worth the effort.

Another focus of Terry’s current work is on form and she showed us a number of very unique pieces. My favourite is a series of interesting shaped planters that could be used for planting herbs or succulents.  They’d be right at home in my living room or out in the garden.

Pottery Planters

Wood Fired Planters by Terry Osborne

Terry’s studio is open year-round by chance or contact her to arrange a visit.  Everything you need to know can be found on her website at terryosbornepottery.com. Though we visited four potters all together on this tour, each one had its own personality and allure.  I hope you enjoy your visit with Terry as much as we did.

Your comments are welcome!

Terry Osborne in her studo

Terry Osborne in her studo


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