Practical Pottery with a Touch of Whimsy!

Our second stop on the Beyond the Valley Studio tour was the Pavlo Pottery Studio & Shoppe in Rockton, ON.  This country shop is chock full of pottery by pottery team Pavlo Tsarynny and Oksana Pogorila, and a selection of hand crafted works by a few other potters and artisans.   At the back of the store, you could see into their large workshop, quiet today with the shop full of visitors on the tour.

Professional Smartass Mug

Mugs for the special people in your life at Pavlo Pottery

The store features all kinds of practical pottery and tableware, but what really caught my eye was a number of fun and whimsical pieces.  I loved the mugs adorned with labels such as “My Mug”, “Princess”, “Rocket Scientist”, and even “Professional Smartass”.  I can think of a few people these would make great gifts for … including myself.

Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowls at Pavlo Pottery

As a knitter, another group of pots that caught my eye were the Yarn Bowls.  These are great for keeping your balls of yarn clean and orderly, and most of all, from rolling across the floor to the other side of the room.  Any knitter would be happy to have one or more of those and I’ve put it on my Christmas Wish List.

Oksana showed us around the shop and we talked about the different items.  Most of all, we enjoyed shopping and just browsing through the shop.  There was something for everyone.  Even their garden had scatterings of pottery and metal garden art to look at.  Their shop is open seven days a week except for holidays and the information is all their on their website.

If you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful pottery shop, I hope you’ll post a comment and let me know how you enjoyed it.

Selection of Pottery Tableware

Selection of Tableware at Pavlo Pottery Studio & Shoppe


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