Ruby Tiger Wrap

“Ruby Tiger” Wrap


Fibre Arts Creations and Artisanian’s New Direction

I know I’ve been gone for a long, long time.  Well I’m back and ready to dust off the Artisanian Blog to bring you more of my favourite artisans.   You’ll notice there’s a bit of a shift in direction with my postings now.  In the last few years, I’ve become very active in the Knitting and Fibre Arts communities, so you can expect to see more Fibre Arts creations and products from related makers.  I’ll still be posting about local Studio Tours, but added to that, we’ll be seeing Yarn and Fibre Festivals, Knitting Retreats and other creative events.

I hope you enjoy Artisanian’s new creative direction.


Cozy Wraps by Fireflies Redesigns

These elegant wraps are the creative brainchild of Fireflies Redesigns’ owner, Grace.  It would be hard to tell, but these wraps are made entirely from redesigned Pashminas.


Grace of Fireflies Redesigns with one of her fabulous Pashmina Warming Wraps

To start, each wrap is made from a 100% Pashmina shawl carefully hand picked to ensure there is no visible wear or damage.  The colours and selection are beautiful and there’s something for everyone.


But that’s not all …

Concealed in the back of each wrap is a pure wool panel that provides a layer of added coziness.   You’d never know it’s there but you can feel its warmth.  It’s just enough to keep the winter chill at bay and to provide that little bit of extra comfort.

Warming Wrap Back

Warming Wrap Back







Summer Wine Wrap

“Summer Wine” Wrap


Fireflies Redesigns has a shop on Etsy and ships across Canada.  The wraps come in a selection of colours and sizes, and make great gifts.  I love mine and think they are just the coolest (warmest?) idea.

Best of all, I get to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum.




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