Exploring the studios and galleries of local artisans in Ontario is a hobby of mine.  I have a love for art especially as it relates to design, interiors and lifestyle.   I’m especially fond of Muskoka which was named a Designated Arts Community and where I was living when this blog was born.

For decades, beginner and accomplished artists alike have flocked to Muskoka to capture its natural beauty not only on their sketch pads, canvases and film, but in wood, glass, metal, clay and fiber arts.  I started this blog with the intention of sharing the creations of this vibrant arts community, and others in Ontario, with the outside world. With Southern Ontario as my home base now, I will continue to showcase artisan communities wherever the road takes me.

Most of the posts will include images of original works of art.  The content, which may include nudity, will be kept to my standards of what I consider suitable for all ages.   Hopefully, I won’t offend anyone.  I don’t consider myself an art expert by the longest stretch of the imagination.   My views are merely an account of what I’ve seen, where I’ve seen it, and what I like about it.

I’ve linked most of the posts with the websites or blogs of the featured artists and artisans, and invite you to visit their sites to see more of their work.  Comments are welcome and please feel free to post a link to my blog.  I’ll be happy to do the same for you.

Enjoy my blog, and more importantly, I hope you’ll get out to visit some of the artists and artisans I’ve featured here.



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